Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer

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A nice bonnet hair attachment that can help you dry your hair evenly and efficiently.


Made of high-quality waterproof materials, light weight and easy to use.

Large fluffy design, suitable for all hair dryers, which will be more convenient.

More than 120 ventilation holes can distribute heat faster and more evenly. 39 inches (100 cm) flexible hose. It is easy to use the warm air blown by the hair dryer for hair care or SPA.

The elastic band at the end of the tube can secure the hood to the hair dryer. The drawstring design can tightly tie the head, so that the hat is firmly fixed.


How to use:

Apply hairdressing gel evenly on wet hair, and then wrapped the towel;
Wear our hair treatment cap;
Connect the hair dryer to the tube of the hair treatment cap and turn it;

It is safe and comfortable for you to bring the whole process, eliminating the risk of electric burns baked


Package Includes:

Hair dryer cap*1